Years ago, I watched a very dark Austrian movie called “Funny Games.” It’s about two young men who go over to their neighbor’s house and just won’t leave.

It got more and more dark as the movie went on. Very disturbing. I definitely don’t recommend it to anyone who wants to just watch a light movie.

But somewhere in the movie, the primary bad guy breaks the fourth wall and winks to the audience, reminding them that this isn’t really happening and we’re watching a movie.

I didn’t get that at first. When I first saw it, I just saw it as a really dark, disturbing movie. How could anyone who wasn’t a psycho put out a movie like this?

Then it hit me. It was me who took it too seriously. I missed the meaning of the wink.

Sometimes we take life too seriously

I get it. We have things we have to deal with.

Of my three closest male friends, one’s currently fighting a drug addiction. One just went through a major operation. And one just beat stage four cancer after about a year of chemo.

You and I have both have bills to pay.

You may have relationship issues. Hopefully you don’t and all your relationships are in order. If so, you’ll be in a minority there.

What I’m getting at is that life isn’t exactly easy.

The older you get, the more funerals you’ll attend. That’s just how it goes.

And your heroes drop off one by one too. It’s a weird feeling and doesn’t get much easier.

So, sometimes, we need a wink to remind us to let go or else we might go crazy.

That’s yet another reason I love working with Allie. She gets it, and loves modeling for me. She gets what I’m explaining. Why I need a certain feeling. A certain emotion.

This one is a wink.

No, she’s not literally winking. But it’s a reminder to a potential buyer (or just someone who’s a fan of my artwork) to smile every once in a while.

Allie in Heartbreaker
Allie in Heartbreaker


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