Roman Riva is a Texas based pinup artist.

He started his art career in 2003 as a cartoonist. Then in 2018, someone changed his life.

His friend Allie asked Roman to draw her. So he did. And she was so amazed she convinced him to take art seriously.

That same year, Melisa followed suit.

Four years later, he works with five models in two different countries and sells his paintings in several different states.

He draws daily, even on vacation, and also plays guitar and piano. He loves Romantic era Classical music and also what now is called “Dad Metal.” He has a soft spot for 80s pop and 80s movies, especially the fantasy genre or the John Hughes movies.

Roman drinks whisky, mainly bourbon whiskey, Scotch, or Japanese whisky, has been married for a very long time, and has a grown son who has already served his country.

His secrets to looking decades younger than his real age? Don’t sweat the small stuff, surround yourself with people who want to get the most out of life, and cut off the people who drain life from you.

You get to be you only one time. Always remember that.