I wrote an intro to hatching last week. It’s a simple shading technique.

I just wanted to show you really quick. It really is easy to do.

Too many people overthink it.

“Which way should the lines go?”

Instead of thinking like that, just start hatching. Then if it looks bad, erase it and try a different direction.

Seriously, don’t overthink it.

Showing the hatching (shading) technique.  Model - Allie

Here’s a quick sketch of Allie with simple hatching. You’ll note that once you’ve been doing hatching for awhile, hatching becomes the “easy part.” Drawing everything else is the hard part.

So once again, just get started.

You’ll notice I kept my lines simple. I drew them fast.

When I wanted to make something darker, I either used more force with the pencil or I went over them twice.

That’s really all there is to it.

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