Roman Riva’s Whisky Pinups

Katie as Selene
Roman Riva paints Sophia and Diana
Sophia and Diana as Nereids
Roman Riva paints Melisa
The lovely Melisa as Amphitrite
Roman Riva draws Allie
Allie, the model who started it all
A watercolor flower

Why I paint women

Hi. I’m Roman Riva and I paint beautiful women.

Why women? Because, my wife and I have traveled the world, seeing everything from magnificent waterfalls, sunsets over the Caribbean, Alaskan glaciers, and European castles. That’s all great and everything but still, nothing compares to the beauty of a young woman with the right curves and a pretty smile.

What I use

I basically use two things.

I either paint using a combination of watercolor, gouache, and ink. I’ll talk about my favorite materials on the blog. I’ll even recommend what I use because I’ve tried out a shitload of products and can tell you what rules and what sucks.

Or, I draw. And for drawing, I only use three things – American made #2 pencils, erasers, and my fingers for smearing.

About the models

In chronological order, I first started painting Allie, then Melisa. Both are personal friends of mine who are now like family to us. They’re private citizens and I will never disclose their last names.

My first professional model I used was Sophia who is a model/actress. You can find her on Instagram as Sophia Succubus. She even owns a fashion company.

We met Diana in Romania in 2021. She’s a professional model who’s appeared in thousands of ads, including Vogue Italy.

In 2022, I started working with Katie who was Miss Bikini North Texas. She’s now a full-time model and even publishing a book soon.

Want to meet me in person?